AGC Survey

"Readying the Bench"

1. Is keeping your business in the family important to you?
2. Has a cash flow plan been established to allow the senior generation the ability to enjoy financial independence?
3. Do you have a plan for estate equalization?
4. Does it matter that business estate and succession planning impacts 2-3-4 generations?
5a. Do you have a customized up to date buy-sell arrangement in place?
5b. How about an operating agreement?
6. Have you prepared your estate to minimize estate (transfer) taxes?
7. Do you have enough liquidity to prevent having to sell assets to pay estate taxes?
8. Are all your assets properly titled to fit into your estate & succession plan?
9. Do you have a team of specialists collaborating on your family's behalf & do you they understand the importance of protecting the balance sheet?
10. Does your advisor team understand your most important objectives?
11. Does the management team understand the impact of not having a "break the glass plan"?
12. If you have a plan, have you communicated your Estate/Succession objectives with your family and/or key employees?
13. Next Gen....Do you know if the senior generation of your operation has their estate and succession plan in place?
14. Would you like us to contact you to discuss your company's estate and succession plan?
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