People Management: The Fight for Talent

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From the desk of Gene Lilly:

It’s hard to believe that Fall is upon us as we move into the 4th quarter of 2022. While everyone is getting as much work done as possible before the winter months, it’s easy to set year-end financial statement planning aside. Let’s set a time to discuss how our year-end statement is coming together, and any actions that can be taken to improve this. Your CPA-prepared fiscal year-end statement is what surety companies rely on for determining their levels of support. Now is the best time to maximize that opportunity. Engage your CPA/Surety/Banking partners now at least for a review of how the year is shaping up, and what is possibly on the horizon in 2023.

Our job as your professional and engaged surety agent is to ensure you are in a position to get the most out of your surety program. Let’s put our heads together when we doing tax planning for the end of the year. We want to MAXIMIZE your surety credit and actions taken now can have big impacts later.

We hope you are set for a strong finish to the year. Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members for end of year considerations to the surety program.


The war for talent is fought with more than money.

Do you have staffing problems? For the overwhelming majority of businesses in America, YES. The art of attracting and maintaining (good) employees has forced many business owners to focus more on labor-management than they had ever done before. Let’s look at ways to pair efforts with tactics to be the most effective at retaining and hiring team members.

The following blog from Aaron Witt (BuildWitt.Com) discusses the results of a social media-based poll inquiring to learn about employee engagement in the civil industry. Aaron Witt is the founder and owner of a marketing and development company focused on the dirt industry. Many of his takes and information are insightful for hiring Gen X and millennials. 

Thankfully a lot of what he has heard is that money alone is not the sole and largest driver of employment. Competitive pay and benefits are surely important, but there are other angles to tip the scales in your favor. Additionally, Tom Schliefer has found similar things. Tom is a surety and contractor consultant with a resume spanning over 50 years as a contractor, consultant, and construction management professor. 

To the point: While money is important, people are placing more and more emphasis on their relationship with their employer. Things like asking for input (and using it!), better communication of company goals, and making people feel valued are more important than ever. And no, one company picnic doesn’t balance out 364 days of minimal relationship. 

When someone leaves one company for a competitor, there are two events there that look like one. 1) They decided to leave their current employer, 2) they decided to go to another employer. It usually happens in one move, but figuring out each part of 1 and 2 will help you with your organization. 

Usually, #2 does involve more money, no surprise. But what are the drivers of #1? Commonly #1 occurs when people do not feel valued, important, or part of the FAMILY. 

At a time when being “part of a team” has never been bigger, make your company the best team to be on. 

Workforce Poll and Business Lesson Learned – Aaron Witt

Building a Stable Organization from Within – Dr. Tom Schliefer

2022 Big Dig Omaha

We were excited to participate as a sponsor in the American Cancer Society’s Big Dig Construction vs Cancer event in early September. All funds raised help support the Hope Lodge Nebraska which provides temporary housing for cancer patients traveling to Omaha to receive treatment. Over 1,200 people attended the event and helped raise nearly $50,000! Thanks to the American Cancer Society and all the volunteers who made for a great day. Check out the Big Dig Facebook Page for pictures and join us next year!

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